Pic of the Week - July, 2011 - Week One

This week's pic of the week is of Kellie Clements taken at a photo shoot for the Edmond Outlook Friday, July 1.

Best of June, 2011

Being that I haven't followed through with my "Pic of the Week" goal, I figure no time is better than the present to get back on track. I will as well make up for lost time by showing a few of my favorites from this past month.

Bon Jovi's BrokenPromiseLand Cover


Our most recent cover is a newer, yet painfully underrated Bon Jovi song that even Bon Jovi didn't give a fair shake.

Bon Jovi Cover Project 2011

The story behind and my plan for our new Bon Jovi project...

Edmond Outlook

I have been doing a little free lance work for The Edmond Outlook

Holdeman Family Portrait and other bits

On April 10, 2011 Amy and I photographed Brooke and Willis Holdeman and Family...

A Beautiful Day to Get Married

Like Bono sang, "It's a Beautiful Day"... to get married. Tonight...

The Morton's Family Portrait

Amy and I had the pleasure of taking the Morton's family pictures once again.

Bon Jovi in Milwaukee!

Our next weekend trip, we are going to the only place we can catch a Brewers and a Bon Jovi concert within 24 hours... Milwaukee. We do not travel to see Bon Jovi. We see Bon Jovi to travel.

Bon Jovi in Vegas

Amy and I caught the best touring band (Bon Jovi) in the world in the party capital of the world (Las Vegas) and here's how it went.

Bessie, Oklahoma Pancake Supper

Monday evening, the town of Bessie hosted their annual Pancake Supper. It might be called a Pancake Supper, but the homemade sausage was the true, main course.

New Pic of my Favorite Little Guy!

Here is a new picture of Davis Hawkins.

Easter Pictures... a lot happening

Sundance Photography now has the makings for some cute Easter Pictures for your baby.

Hello & Welcome

Welcome to Sundance Photography. You are witnessing my first attempt at blogging. Also, take a look at my son. He is my life these days... thank God he's cute.